Netflix February 2016_day.10 – Snake Eyes (1998)

_I have a psych professor. Every class, he starts off by saying “Happy (Day of the week) everybody! What’s going on in the world, what’s going on in your lives?” It’s just a kind of…warm greeting for the day, greeting for the class. But sometimes, it gets me down. I never have an an answer for what’s going on in my life. I feel…vacant. I find myself uninteresting.

I always find it strange, telling people a story about something I did and being told it was interesting. It’s hard for me to picture myself as a person of interest. It’s not in my nature.

“There’s a murder on fight night, and hours to untangle the mystery. Don’t take your eye off the ball for a minute.”

Let’s roll Snake Eyes.

_Come on Netflix…it’s a boxing match. “Don’t take your eye off the prize.” It’s a prize fight! Boxing doesn’t even have a ball!

_Man. I loved this movie. The long, opening tracking shot, the way the actual crime takes place, and the viewer is given a bunch of clues as it’s happening to try and piece together stuff…I mean, it’s not the most surprising mystery ever, though. I mean…Gary Sinese is in it. Was it ever NOT going to be Gary Sinese?

I mean…

Spoiler alert:

It was Gary Sinese, Nic Cage’s longtime friend, who was the mastermind.


_I’ve come up with a fantastic theory: If you can, in your mind, easily adapt a script of a movie into a Detective Conan movie, it must be an awesome movie. This is super easily converted to a Conan film.

_You know how you know this movie was awesome? The blatant title dropping that occurs near the end. “You got nothing, kiddo. Snake eyes. The house wins.” “Ain’t no ‘we,’ Kevin. You got snake eyes!” And then the end credits song was written and recorded specifically for the movie. AND THE SONG CONTAINS THE LINE “SNAKE EYES, THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS.”



_OK, honestly, it wasn’t amazing, but I enjoyed it. Nic Cage was being all Cage-y, a murder mystery with a good culprit reveal, clues placed for the viewer to find…it’s up my alley.

_Mini block over! I would say tomorrow we return to regular scheduled programming, but there’s never really much of a rhyme or reason to the movies I pick. So…tomorrow we’re watching The Relic. Just because. See you then~


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