Netflix February 2016_day.13 – Charade (1963)

_Humans are creatures of routine. Sure, routine can become boring, but this is evidenced when routine is broken. Doing something slightly different feels…off. Folding your hands with a different thumb on top. Switching whether you use soap or shampoo first in the shower. Trying to use a different greeting when you answer the phone. It’s no big deal, but changing routine never feels right at first. It not only feels wrong for you, but for anybody else that knows your routine. If you always greet people a certain way, radically change it. It’s an easy way to make other people uncomfortable.

If that’s your bag.

“She’s a widow hunting her dead husband’s stolen loot. Thankfully, he new beau is suave and helpful. Or is he?”

Let us lift the veil of this Charade.

_I’m not sure if I know of an actress more charming than Audrey Hepburn. She had such a great combination of looks and personality. In many of the Hepburn movies I’ve seen, she’s tended to play a woman out of her element, but doing her best to hold her own and rise to the occasion, and Charade treads familiar territory in that way: She plays Regina Lampert. When her husband is killed, she discovers that he was not the man he seemed. He was part of an OSS operation with 4 other men who stole $250,000 worth of gold. After his death, the survivors of the group come looking for the money, all convinced than Regina must have the money.

_Apparently, a lot of the dialog between Hepburn’s Regina and Cray Grant’s…uh…Guy With Many Names, was added because Grant’s was a bit uncomfortable with the large age difference between he and Hepburn. Which is good, because the romance between them probably would have been a lot stranger without their witty banter about his advanced age. Their chemistry together is great.

_I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before when talking about mysteries, but I love mysteries that can be described as “Whodunit’s.” Because when you do, you can call them a “delectable whodunit,” which is just a fantastic term that I love.

_I loved the blending of genres in this. It had elements of romantic comedy, spy mystery, thriller, and was able to effortlessly move from serious to silly and back. Charade was awesome. You can’t really hate a movie in which Audrey Hepburn is totally spies in it. And if you do, let me know.

So that I can terminate our friendship immediately.

And hit you.

_Join us tomorrow as I watch a movie about food I don’t even like. Jiro Dreams of Sushi. See you then~


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