Netflix February 2016_day.17 – Melancholia (2011)

_The greatest struggle in my life has been my sleep schedule. I like the night time. I like the solitude it provides me. I like not having to worry about the sun in my eyes when I drive. I like the way the world seems slower.

The only thing I dislike about it? As much as I like not interacting with most of the world, I need to sometimes. And the rest of the world functions during the day. The part of me that wants to do nothing but be nocturnal constantly finds itself at odds with external forces of diurnality.

“The cosmos is in turmoil as planets collide. As above, so below — it’s going to be a strange wedding day”

Let us experience Melancholia.

_Melancholia is a Danish art house film. Want proof? The opening 10 minutes at nothing but symbolic slow motion shots set to classical music with no dialog.

_Justine (Kirsten Dunst) is at her wedding reception. It’s a lavish, spare-no-expense affair. Justine, however, doesn’t seem to be enjoying what one would expect would be the happiest day of her life. Things start to fall apart.

Then we go into part 2 of the movie. Justine and her sister Claire worry about the impending end of the world.

And then the world ends.


_One of my favorite phrases is “If you need it explained to you, you wouldn’t understand anyways.”

I love it because it sounds so stuffy and conceited, but…in some cases it’s actually true. Like…the only way you’d ask a question is if you don’t contain enough of a base understanding to comprehend the answer.

_I say that, mainly to say that I get it. I got the movie.

The first half.

The second half of the movie…less so. It’s less focused. Well…maybe not less focused, but it’s more focused on people.

The first half, the wedding reception, is about Justine, her depression, how it affects her and how it affects the people around her. The second half is Claire and her husband taking care of Justine while worrying about a giant rouge planet that seems to be headed towards Earth.

The biggest issues I have with the second half it is that the movie does to Justine. “She knew the amount of beans in a jar. She knows things.” What? Is she some kind of a savant or are you trying to attribute mental powers to her? “She’s calm in the face of impending doom. So calm, she goes outside to lay in the yard naked.” OK? Is that her depression, is that her not caring about societal norms, or is she just weird?

Justine in the first half of the movie is a stark view of intense depression. In the second half…I guess her depressive episode just sent her off the deep end?

_I think Kirsten Dunst is super cute. There are some actresses or models where you go “Oh man, she’s hot. I would wreck that. Give me the chance, and by the end of the night, we wouldn’t so much be people…more just puddles of fluid.”

That’s not Kirsten Dunst. She’s more like “Oh man…the things I would do to her…I’d make her a nice home cooked meal, give her big hugs, and do floriography research when I bought her flowers to make sure I was sending an appropriate expression of my feelings.”

“And after I make sure she understands my heart, I’d wreck that shit so hard, we’ll just be puddles of fluid.”

I feel like that’s an appropriate description of Girl-Next-Door-Looks. And how the male brain works.

_In conclusion: It’s an art movie. I get parts of it. But that doesn’t really mean I was entertained by it.

_Join us tomorrow where we’ll engage in some dancing. But be warned: it will be Strictly Ballroom. See you then~


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