Netflix February 2016_day.19 – Invisible Sister (2015)

_My facial hair bothers me. Sometimes, I let it grow for a day or two, just out of sheer laziness. But…after day two…my facial hair starts to get to the point where it bothers me so much, I have to stop whatever I’m doing and shave. I’ve had my facial hair wake me up in the middle of the night. Just…wake up after a couple hours of sleep, need to shave. I don’t think this is a common thing. Just a thought.

“Her older sister is so popular and well-liked that she often feels invisible. Now, their roles are about to be reversed.”

Let’s watch.

A Disney Channel Movie.

Invisible Sister.

_The best part about Disney Channel movies is that if you know what you’re doing, you go in expecting it to having very little attention to detail, and for it to be way all characters involved to be more squeaky clean than any normal people would ever be in the situations found therein. They’re basically plot hole filled messes by definition, to the point where there’s not even worth thinking too hard about it because you’ll just be there all day nitpicking.

So let’s start nitpicking!

_So in Invisible Sister, a smart sister feels invisible compared to her popular athlete sister. The best part of movies like this? It’s a movie, so they can’t actually have unattractive or even plain looking actors in them. So the unpopular-feels-invisible sister is obviously ignored by people, with her unblemished skin, long hair and booty shorts.  She feels so invisible, that she’s standoffish with all the people who talk to her during school.

She reminds me of when I watched Twilight. Bella is all “Oh man, I’m such an outcast” even though she shows up at her new school she has an entire posse of friends by the last bell. I’m like, bitch, I get it, but the problem you have is not the problem you perceive yourself as having.

_What kind of experiment could a high schooler possibly be doing where she could accidentally knock over a bunch of chemicals into a beaker that would turn shit invisible. I mean, I know what the experiment was. They say so in the movie. It’s more…what the hell chemicals could she possibly have access to that could do that accidentally?

_I like that in most fiction situations, person turns invisible and they go and do horrible things. Murder people, go insane, invisible rape and all that. So knowing that, it’s great to know that on the Disney Channel, girl turns invisible…goes to school.

_I was never much of an athlete, but I’m offended that the sister who has never held a lacrosse stick in her entire life is able to go and outplay other players who at least have a few months of practice behind them. And Invisible girl goes “This is super important for me, college scouts are here! We can’t mess this up!” And then proceeds to use her invisible power to blindside opposing players, knocking them to the ground so it looks like they’re falling over from getting hit by nothing. Which would effectively ruin everything for them if this was the only game college scouts saw them play in.

_So, in many scenes, for the sake of simplicity, they actually show the invisible sister on screen for the audience. I mean, she’s an actress, they want to make sure that 90% of her role is more than just voice overs. But it’s awesome because every time she’s actually on screen, other actors visibly react to her. Walking through a crowd? People actively shift so they don’t bump into her. Bitch is invisible, everybody should be bumping into her! When Cleo scores a goal in lacrosse in place of her invisible sister, she throws her hands up in the air, looks straight at her sister and gives her a hug. Bitch is invisible, how do you know where she was?! Plus, there’s a crowd of people at the game, and nobody thought her doing a hugging motion to the air was strange?

_”Watch my fur, dudes!”

_Incredible piece of film. All hail the Disney Channel.

_Stop by tomorrow, where we watch a movie that made people think they knew a bunch of military vernacular. Black Hawk Down. See you then~


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