Netflix February 2016_day.20 – Black Hawk Down (2001)

_I love food, but I prefer drinking. Not “drinking” as in alcohol. Just…drinking juice. Or soda. Or chocolate milk. Or water. It’s one of the reasons I don’t drink alcohol. It’s not a moral stance or anything…I just already drink all of those things to excess, so I know that drinking alcohol would be a bad thing to get a taste for. Better for me to just abstain completely.

“A U.S. military mission to Somalia goes horribly wrong. Without help from above, who will survive on the ground?”

I do believe we’ve got a Black Hawk Down.

_Black Hawk Down is the film adaptation of Resident Evil 5. The US Marines stage an operation to go capture Patient Zero for las plagas, and go into a hostile, plagas-zombie filled area of Somalia to do it. During the raid, they are overwhelmed, due to underestimating the outbreak of the virus, and a Black Hawk helicopter is shot down. The marines on-site regroup at the chopper and try to fight off the onslaught of plagas-zombies until evac can arrive.

_At least, that’s what it felt like. Cause holy shit, a ton of Somali mooks were just running up, then flailing around as they fell to the ground. The only reason I could tell this wasn’t really based on RE5 was that nobody’s head ever blew up to reveal a thrashing tentacle monster.

And that this was released 8 years before RE5.

And there weren’t any sexy ladies in it.

And when one marine died, the entire squad didn’t game over.

_I don’t really know what it’s like being in the marines, but in movies, besides things like “Honor” and “Duty” and stuff, they always make sure to beat the whole “Hoo-ah” thing into the ground. It always comes across like it’s some kind of “Special Marine Language” but the language only consists of the word “Hoo-ah.” I mean, I know marines do say it, but I have no idea how accurate movie depictions of it are.

_Military action movies are a curious beast. On the one hand, action movies are cool. Guns blazing, explosions and all that…cool beans. On the other hand, when it’s a realistic war movie, most of the time, the action isn’t played up for effect. Guys don’t do action dives while dual firing pistols – they stand behind cover and take potshots. Rockets don’t make giant pyrotechnic explosions – they hit a wall and rubble flies from a big cloud of black smoke. Pounding music doesn’t play throughout every action sequence – all bullets are fired without a score, and the music doesn’t come in unless something specifically dramatic happens.

The military action movie is strange. Action movies feel like they’re supposed to be fun, but military movies are hardly ever about “fun.” But so many of them focus on the battle sequences…it’s complicated. I’m gonna stop before I spend a couple hours poring over this paragraph.

_Stop by tomorrow as we dive back in for another quick fix of Nic Cage. National Treasure. See you then~

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