Netflix February 2016_day.23 – The Perfect Host (2010)

_I tend to procrastinate a lot. It’d a bad habit. But…procrastination itself isn’t bad. It’s really only a problem if you don’t finish the work. If you have 7 days to complete a task, it really doesn’t matter if you finish on day 1 or day 7. You just gotta finish.

I also sometimes have a problem finishing things in an allotted amount of time. So…I should probably work on that procrastination.

“Dinner party etiquette 101: If a criminal drops by, be sure to introduce him to your imaginary guests. Violently.”

I hear the blues a’callin’. Tossed salad and The Perfect Host.

_Well, quite the dinner party this turned out to be, Niles! *canned laughter*

_This whole movie feels like it was written backwards. As opposed to having a solid script and a point, it’s like someone said “Oh, dude, I had a great idea. What if the Cranes had a horrible dinner party, only instead of it getting ruined due to outlandish situations, it’s just because they’re creepy assholes?” So they got David Hyde Pierce to play a crazy ass dude, hosting a dinner party for imaginary people, and holding a guy who just robbed a bank and randomly knocked on his door hostage.

_The best parts are seeing Niles basically be ridiculous to people who aren’t there. Like motorboating the air or bending nobody over the bathroom sink.

_Yeah…the movie basically serves as a One Man Show for Niles Crane. Should’ve been better.

_Stop by tomorrow as we watch some more Oscar winners command their craft. Paycheck. See you then~


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