Netflix February 2016_day.26 – Hot Fuzz (2007)

_As we get closer to the end of the month, these write ups get a bit harder to do. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it or anything, I do. It’s just tough trying to not say the same things over and over again. Even though the word count for each entry isn’t too high, it all ends up totaling a lot in the end. Just thousands and thousands of words, many of them written down off the cuff with minimal editing, because once I start editing it, I likely won’t stop. I try and say different hopefully clever things. But the raw numbers dictate that the more you say, the more things there are to repeat.

“A tough London cop gets a lesson in explosions, murder and action movies when he’s reassigned to a seemingly dull town.”

Time to join the Hot Fuzz.

_Parody is a tough genre. It’s hard to really pin down what makes a good one. Although you could say that of anything, really. My first thought was that a good parody sends up the source material, but has a respect for it…but something like Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace is a great parody of things that deserve no respect whatsoever. Maybe it’s just a commitment to authenticity…but sometimes the comedy in a parody is in-authenticity.

Fuck it. To be a good parody, it has to be British. The end.

_Watching Hot Fuzz made me want to watch Point Break again, and makes me wonder about the Point Break remake. Why did they bother remaking Point Break? Not that I actually have a problem with a Point Break remake, but more that they already remade Point Break, called it The Fast and the Furious, and it morphed into the best action movie franchise of the new millennium.

Actually, if you think of it that way, Point Break ’15 was like a remake of Fast and the Furious, only with extreme sports in place of street racing. OK, I get why they did it now.

_Wow, I haven’t even specifically talked about the actual Hot Fuzz movie yet, huh? It was really good. It’s hard to explain…for 80% of the movie, it was over the top, but not overtly. It’s a kind of over-the-top’ness that you’d notice if you watched a lot of action movies, but if not, you’d probably think it was the same as any other action film. It’s like when somebody told me Vanquish was exactly like any other 3rd person shooter. You just stare at them with one of those -_- faces and don’t even bother trying to explain it.

_It’s kind of weird, cause I knew this was a comedy, but from what I’d gathered from people telling me about this, I expected it to be silly action scenes for half of the movie. Most of it was goofy buddy cop comedy, along with some detective movie. I wasn’t really expecting the “Suspenseful police processing”

Then the end of the movie rolls around, and the movie gets progressively more ridiculous. The sensible money making murder motive is debunked, and it’s revealed it’s just a super zealous NWA, killing people so they don’t harm the town’s chances of winning Village of the Year.

So they’re just like a normal NWA or HOA. Zing.

_Then the last 10 or 15 minutes is just a long action scene. With old people. And Timothy Dalton.

Excuse me, I meant “And the guy from Beautician and the Beast.”

Thumbs up, would watch again.

_Stop by tomorrow when we’ll watch a movie that as far as most people are concerned is one 10 minute segment. Fantasia. See you then~


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