Netflix February 2016_day.28 – World’s Greatest Dad (2009)

_Sometimes, I wonder if I’m shallow. I try to look at it as objectively as possible, because most people wouldn’t call themselves shallow. I think to myself “How attached am I to my possessions?” My initial answer is “Not that much,” but then I look at all of the things I have, and how hard it is to imagine not having them anymore. So maybe I am kind of attached. I say “How much do looks matter to me in others?” and I think “What’s inside is more important.” And yet, any time I picture myself with a future wife, they’re always smoking hot. I ask “How selfless am I?” and I think “Well, leaving the world a better place than when I entered it is something important to me.” Yet I sit at home when I have free time as opposed to helping out in the community.

So I think the answer to the question is that I shouldn’t base my shallowness on an ideal fantasy version of life.

“Can a lonely dad find success and happiness when his jerk son dies? He’ll never know unless he tries.”

Say hello to the World’s Greatest Dad.

_Mmmmmmm…dark comedy.

What interesting about this is that this plot could easily be a drama that explores the idea of not speaking ill of the dead. But it’s better as a dark comedy because when you think about it, the whole idea is silly. I mean, sure, you don’t really generally don’t wish death on people, but when it happens, it doesn’t really erase the things they did in their lives. I wouldn’t say crummy people deserve death, but if they die, that doesn’t magically make them not crummy.

I wish there were more dark comedies. I’m the kind of person that thinks nothing is off limits, not just in comedy, but yeah…and so I like the fact that there are people willing to make a comedy about subject matter some might call risque. I don’t expect to be interested in everything or like everything, though…so maybe I’m weird.

_Robin Williams movies are strange to watch since his suicide. Both the manic comedy and the dramatic roles take on a different tone now. I try to do it, but it can be hard to separate a person from their work.

_I 100% recognized that Krist Novoselic cameo.

_I think the one thing we can truly take from a movie of this kind is this…teenagers are dumbasses, and we can only hope that every one of those dumbasses will one day become a decent person.

Sadly, some of them don’t. It’s sad.

_Oh snap, it’s not the last day! LEAP YEAR! For our 29th day of February, I’m going to revisit a Disney B-list animated classic. Tarzan. See you then~


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