Netflix February 2017 – The Prelude

_It’s about that time of the year again. The time of year where I write more on this blog than I do in the rest of the year combined. Not that it’s hard. I didn’t manage to finish anything I wrote last year. Some of it might rear its head this year…later…

…but that’s enough of that. Let’s get ready…for NETFLIX FEBRUARY.

_An overview, for the uninitiated:

Netflix February is a month where I watch one (1) movie a day available (at the time) on Netflix’s instant streaming service. I came up with the idea when I realized how large my queue (As it was known at the time, now it’s called My List) had grown with movies because all I did on Netflix was binge watch TV shows. So I decided “28 days in February, 28 movies to cut from my queue by watching them.” I also decided that giving people an opportunity to join me in my endeavor sounded more fun than just doing it alone.

So…I invite you to join me in my work. Not that’s it’s really “work.” Nobody will pay you. Fewer still will care. But know that if you do, you will be part of a community. A small community. That might only include me. But it’s ok. There’s no obligation.

_Stop by on the 1st, where we’ll be starting a journey. For the first time in the illustrious history of Netflix February, we’re going to be going through an entire franchise over the course of the month. Unless they all get removed at the end of this month. Then…I’ll scramble or something. It comes with the territory. I usually pick out about half of the movies for the month in January. I lined up the entire month one year, then sat in horror as two thirds of them had the “Available until” message on the 31st. You learn to roll with the punches.

With all that rambling said, the first movie for Netflix February 2017 will be Superman.

See you then~



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