Netflix February 2017_day.01 – Superman: The Movie (1978)

_I got sick at the end of last year. My nose was stuffy, I had a horrible cough, and my throat was sore all the time. It came and went…except for my sore throat. That’s still lingering around. I wake up, and I’m fine. But after a day’s worth of talking? I’m hoarse. It sucks. It’s almost like it’s  the last remnant of sick, a lone virus soldier holed up in my throat, continuing to fight until his last breath and making my life as much of a hell as he can…

You know what it feels like? It feels like getting old. It feels like the kind of thing that wouldn’t have happened in my 20’s. Life’s a bitch, man.

A caped hero fights for truth and justice. But falling in love without revealing who he is? That’s tricky.

Wow. That…nailed it. That’s Superman: The Movie. I don’t even need to write anything.

…but I will.

_You know, I think it’s just because every movie now just starts immediately, but I love opening credits sequences now. I love the build. A good opening credit sequence is like a good prelude…gets you hyped. Like Ride of the Valkyries. That’s John Williams’ Superman theme. That gets you hype as hell to watch some Supes.

Man…Christopher Reeve gets third billing. Playing Superman. The title character. Margot Kidder gets eighth billing. Playing Lois Lane. The title character’s love interest. That’s what we call “A raw deal.”

And Mario Puzo wrote the screenplay? The guy who wrote The Godfather books and scripts? Along with giving Marlon Brando top billing for like…15 minutes of movie…that’s some serious commitment, right there. DC should go back to that well for the current movie universe. Go all in. Paul Thomas Anderson directs Daniel Day Lewis as Green Arrow. Meryl Streep is Donna Troy. Let’s go.

_So not counting the *winkwink* scene with an Action Comics and talk about the Daily Planet in the 30’s, the first scene of the movie…is a sequel hook for Superman II. That’s some big ass balls you got there, DC and Warner. Modern movies don’t even do that, and everybody writes everything in the hopes of it becoming a trilogy.

_How does a movie from 1978 do a better job making a voice dub not sound blatantly like a dub than a lot of movies today? Seriously. Christopher Reeves dubbing over for Teenage Clark is solid, from a sound perspective.

_Superman is dope. It’s a dope movie. But boy, I don’t think it would fly today. It’s really slow paced. It takes 25 minutes for Kal-El to land on Earth. Adult Clark Kent shows up after about 50 minutes. About an hour and ten before we actually see Superman is full costume. The movie has a…deliberate pace, in a manner of speaking. It’s like a lot of movies from the era, though. Modern movies tend to be very fast paced, and not just the action films. Movies back then took their time. I don’t think one is better than the other…they just are.

_I love asking the question while watching movies “Do the bad guys know that they’re the bad guys?” Like, are they doing bad deeds with the aim of a misguided noble goal? Do they genuinely think they are good? In his first two lines, Lex talks about how he’s about to commit the greatest crime of the century, and calls himself the greatest criminal mind of our time. He totally knows he’s a bad guy. He doesn’t even have the guise of a legit business like Lexcorp. He just lives in an underground lair and plans crimes. Superman asks him if he gets his kicks planning the murder of innocent people and he replies “No, I get them by actually doing it.” WOW. That’s cold blooded, Lex.

He is obviously the greatest criminal mind, though. I mean, he reads Lois Lane’s interview with Superman, finds out he’s from an alien planet called Kypton, and from that information, realizes that a meteorite that landed on Earth years ago is actually a piece of his destroyed homeworld and will also prove harmful to him.

Which makes sense. It’s a widely known fact that the fragments of destroyed planets prove lethal to life forms native to said planet.


………seriously, how did he figure that out. That’s totally the script using the popularity of the character as a crutch, assuming the viewer just knows “Yeah, Superman is weak to kryptonite. Duh.” Seriously, imagine if humans landed on Mars, and then someone rubbed Earth soil on them and it just sapped them of all of their energy. That’s basically the logic Lex used to come to that revelation. It actually would’ve been more believable if he said “I read a copy of Action Comics as a kid, and in that, alien visitors to Earth were weak to fragments of their home planet.” That actually would’ve been more believable. I am not joking right now.

_Superman is a movie…it’s a movie I’m not sure tons of people nowadays can really appreciate. I’ve heard lots of older people, my father included, who grew up with Superman, they went to go see this movie in their teens or their 20’s…if you hear them describe the feeling they had, seeing Superman flying on a big screen, the feeling they had seeing that effect in action…if you ever hear them describe it, I can honestly say that it doesn’t sound like a feeling I ever had watching film.

_Superman: The Movie is so ridiculous. There’s so much nonsense in it. But there’s just…such charm in Christopher Reeve’s Clark/Kal-el. He shines so much in the movie. Bumbling around as Clark, being super goody-two shoes Superman…he’s great. He still stands as a giant, looming shadow of the ideal on-screen personification of a popular character. After you watch a Superman movie, it just kind of…changes the way you view him. When I read Superman dialog in comics, it’s Reeve’s voice in my head. If someone describes some Superman story, I picture Reeve’s doing the action. He just feels like the first and the last word in Superman.

As one last word…I feel like we all know how outrageous the whole “Flying around the Earth rapidly to change the rotation and turning back time” thing is but…it’s so fucking ridiculous, I’m gonna bring it up anyways. He flew around the Earth to literally turn back time. My favorite part is actually how he flies back the other way to put time back to normal, implying that if he hadn’t, time would’ve just kept on moving in reverse.

_Stop by tomorrow as we watch a movie with the best thing ever: Small, cuddly bears. Well, bear. Singular. I don’t think there are bear(s), plural. Paddington. See you then~


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