Netflix February 2017_day.02 – Paddington (2014)

_I like bacon. It’s nice. But I find myself puzzled as to the overwhelming rise in popularity of the meat over the last few years. It’s good, but I’m not so enamored of it as to put it on everything I eat. I’m not so enamored of it as to want it on everything I eat.

But it is nice on some stuff.

In moderation.

…when it’s smooshy. I actually don’t care much for crispy bacon. If I’m having bacon, I prefer it to stretch like rubber.

He’s a bear without a home. They’re a family without a bear. It seems like a perfect match, till an evil schemer enters.

It’s true. Every family needs a bear. Like a Paddington bear.

_Bears are just the cutest things~

…tiny bears.

Not big grown up bears. I mean, they’re still cuddly, but they’re also big and mean. Little teddy bears are just the best, though. I saw the preview for that Disneynature Bears movie. They have tiny little paws and claws that look like they can’t be dangerous but they can totally click on stuff and cute-like. They’re the best.

_I remember reading a few Paddington books as a kid. I don’t remember things like plot details or anything, I just remember the act of reading them. I never owned any, they were books I tended to check out from the library when visiting my aunt in the summers. I remember the first time I checked one out. I saw the cover and went *gasp* cause Paddington was such a cutie, like my teddy bears, and decided that’s what I was getting. Then I was surprised by how small the text was. It was a bit above my reading level. But eventually after a summer or two, I got there. Felt good.

So…while I don’t remember the contents of the books, I know I read them, and I fully expect stuff in this movie to be familiar as I see it.

_Such as…Paddington eating marmalade. What a curious snack for a bear~ Though I suppose it’s not that far removed from hunny. Cause they’re both spreads.

I actually do remember him wearing that hat and coat, though. That’s something I didn’t need to see again to remember. I do recall at least that.

_Paddington hangs out in the train station all day, nobody really takes much notice of him. Just a bear in a hat with a suitcase, standing in the middle of the train station. I like that when the family strikes up a conversation with him, it’s a few sentences in that the son says “I didn’t know bears could talk.” It means that “Yes, in the world of this movie, a talking bear is unusual…but it’s also not so strange as to take people aback upon one speaking, and the surprise and/or shock is not overwhelming.”

_”London is not like we imagined. Nobody says ‘Hello’ or wears hats.” I’m just going to imagine that’s only a thing in this work of fiction, and than real life London is full of hats.

_One of the things I love about most kid’s and family movies is how everything is super comically overdone. Like, explorer comes back from Peru, tells the rest of the Geographers Guild “I didn’t kill and stuff the bears there because they were intelligent and civilized.” To which the rest of the people scoffed and said “How could they be civilized? They didn’t even speak English!” “Did they play cricket?” “Did they drink tea?” “Do they do the crossword?” Just comically ridiculous questions. And then they stripped him of his Geographers Guild membership for not murdering bears.

But here’s the thing…I asked myself those questions…the only thing I do that classifies me as “civilized” according to the old comically out of touch Geographers Guild is speak English. I’m not civilized.

…but it’s fine. That’s British civilization. I’m sure that the US Geographers Guild has different criteria for being civilized.

_On the one hand, how dare Nicole Kidman try to murder and stuff a sweet, cute bear like Paddington.

…but on the other hand, as a lover of teddy bears myself, I can really relate to her desire to have a stuffed bear. They’re the best, man.

_Things present in this British family film that I’d imagine wouldn’t find its way into an American made one – A plan to sneak into a museum that involves an old lady drink a security guard under the table.

_Watch out: That sequel hook from yesterday is already rearing its head. Superman II. See you then~


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