Netflix February 2017_day.07 – Three Fugitives (1989)

_In the mid-90’s, we had internet. It was cool. Dail-up was horrible. Thankfully, our house switched over to broadband very quickly. Sometimes, sadly, the internet would go out. And back then, if the internet went down, the solution was to turn the modem off and on and again. It was annoying, but…you do what you gotta do. A few months ago, I came to a realization. 20 years later, sometimes the internet stops working. And when that happens, the solution is…to turn the modem off and back on again. 2 decades of progress, we’ve made zero progress in this particular area.

Maybe it’ll happen after they make hooking up a printer over a network simpler.

Two robbers walk into a bank: an ex-con going straight and a hapless dad. All they need is a cute kid.

Watch out, it’s Three Fugitives.

_For some reason, in my head, I think Nick Nolte as a normal, regular universe guy. And at some point in time, a portal opened up, and Universe 2 Nick Nolte fell out, and because he was the Universe 2 version, he was obviously batshit crazy, but instead of killing Universe 1 Nick Nolte and replacing him, he took up the name Gary Busey and co-existed with him.

I’ve never mistaken one for the other. If I see a movie one one of them shows up, I can tell which one it is. It’s in the head…when I thought about Three Fugitives, in my head I went “Oh yeah, the movie with Martin Short and Gary Busey…wait, no that was Nick Nolte.” “It’s weird that Nick Nolte was in Predator 2…wait…Busey. Busey was in Predator 2.” Like I said, I recognize them when I see them, but head canon easily mixes them up when thinking of the movies they starred in. I just need to try and remember that Gary Busey was not Barbra Streisand’s love interest in The Prince of Tides.

_Putting aside the fact that I saw what year this came out when I added it to my queue, I love that you can tell a movie came out in the 80’s by the amount of saxophone included. It’s also great how many 80’s movie synth tracks sound like SNES/Genesis era songs. There’s one song that plays in this movie that sounds like the ending to a 16-bit shmup. It has a real “Lone spaceship brought down an entire enemy armada and now enjoys respite” feeling to it.

Honestly, the soundtrack in this entire movie is incredible if you love 80’s scores full of saxophone, random guitar solos, and melodies built around synthesizers.

_So the plot of the movie is Nick Nolte is a former bank robber who just got released from prison on parole. On his first day out, he goes to the bank to make a deposit, and it gets robbed by Martin Short, who takes Nolte hostage. Needless to say, there is a merry mix-up with the police, as this is a comedy. Hi-jinks ensue.

_Martin Short has had such a strange. It’s so weird that he had such a successful career built on playing a weird, annoying guy, to the point where when they need an annoying side character in movies, he was a go-to. “We need somebody super annoying to get on Steve Martin’s nerves while he’s having a breakdown in Father of the Bride.” “We need somebody to irritate Tim Allen in Santa Clause 3.” “We need a grown man to play a 10 year old who drives Charles Grodin insane.” “I’m going to create a persona who annoys celebrities as much as possible.” But hey, it worked. I like Martin Short, it’s just an interesting typecast.

_Three Fugitives is all that good, but I can’t bring myself to hate a movie that involves somebody getting shot in the leg for laughs and the ending of the movie has Martin Short giving a comedic shrug while being held hostage at gunpoint.


“What’re you gonna do, eh?”

_Tomorrow, I think we’ll watch something held in high esteem. To Kill a Mockingbird. See you then~


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