Netflix February 2017_day.08 – To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

_I play games on my phone. They’re enjoyable enough. But…without going into a big, long thing about it in this paragraph, I’ll just mention the main issue with mobile phones becoming the defacto “handheld” game market – phones aren’t built for gaming first. The hardware that has basically taken over the handheld gaming market isn’t built for gaming. It’s become such a large percentage of the market simply out of convenience. We take our phones with us everywhere, it’s nice to have video games  without having to carry an extra thing on our person.

But it all runs like shit. Every game I’ve ever played on my phone has crashed at some point. While there are plenty of enjoyable phone games, that doesn’t mean that the platform running them is any good. Case in point: Look at how many units the Wii sold.

A valiant lawyer, a black man falsely accused. Seen through the eyes of a feisty girl, innocence and injustice collide.

Remember kids: It’s a sin To Kill a Mockingbird.

_Look at that: Even in the 30’s, smart people like Atticus Finch tells his son he won’t play football cause he “Doesn’t want to get his head knocked off.” And yet almost a century later, the NFL is trying to tell people the game is safe. And Atticus is from the South, where football is king! …well…the 30’s if you count where the movie took place. This movie was from the 60’s. Still, that goes from “80 years ago they knew” to merely “50 years ago.”

_I wonder if kids in small towns really do have spooky stories about random houses and people in the neighborhood? That always seems to be a thing in stories about kids in small towns. They all have some ghost story about some neighbor who doesn’t leave his house much, all “I sawed him once! Half his face was comin’ off and he had a hook for a hand and his good hand had hooks for fingers! And he kidnaps kids and throws him in his basement forevah!” Is that just a small town thing, or was my big city childhood just boring?

And of course the kids are gonna be scared of Boo Radley. I mean, you say his name, and it requires you to say “Boo.” Of course it’s gonna creep the bejebus out of people. It’d be like naming somebody Hey There’s a Spider On Your Back Radley. That guy would scare the shit out of people too.

_True story: I often don’t like watching actual good movies for Netflix February. Because it’s way easier to just type out a bunch of ridiculous words about movies that are horribly flawed, or completely ridiculous, or total schlock. But actual good movies? Often times my thoughts on those are just “…it’s good!”

To Kill a Mockingbird…it’s good! And ending is a showcase piece if you ever want to tell somebody that police cover-up’s can be a tool for good.

_I mean, I do have more thoughts. I do find it funny how many classic movies that actors won Oscars for involve long monologues. I mean, I know they don’t do it just to make a go-to clip for the Oscars when they announce the nominees and show a clip from the movie…but…that.

_Boy, racial tensions were intense back in the day. At least society is way past that now, right? *rimshot*

_Tomorrow…let’s watch a family movie about old people. *batteries not included. See you then~


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