Netflix February 2017_day.12 – Hello, Dolly! (1969)

_I go back and read these sometimes. I find they often times are full of spelling errors and wrong suffixes and just poorly edited in general. I go “Boy, that’s bad, why do I do that?” Then I think about it and I remember why. The more I go back over my own writing, the more I dislike it, and I’d never post anything. When it comes to something informal like this, quick and dirty is the way to go, because slow and steady for me doesn’t see the light of day.

A fabulously feathered matchmaker makes matches! (But, uhh … the hunky rich guy? That one’s hers).

I’ve seen WALL-E, so going in, I already know this is the most romantic movie ever made. It’s Hello, Dolly!

_You know, I’m not sure if I’ve ever watched any Barbara Streisand movies before. I’m more familiar with over-the-top impressions of Babs than with the woman herself. And early on in this movie…yup, that’s it. It’s just like those impressions.

_There’s no way you could watch this movie and not know Cornelius and Barnaby’s names. They refer to each other by name constantly. When they’re by themselves. More than normal people would do in casual conversation.

_One of my favorite things about older movies based on stage musicals is when tons of scenes happen in a single setting even if it seems ridiculous. Why is Mrs. Levi teaching Cornelius to dance in a women’s hat store? Cause it would’ve been annoying to change the set on stage, so the scene just took place in the hat shop! It happens a lot in these kinds of movies, where you’d go “Why do they seem to do everything in this single room of this house?” but it makes sense when you consider the stage origins.

_I’m trying to think if anybody more perfectly embodies the “mean grumpy character” in Hollywood more than Walter Matthau. Is there a better grumpy mean guy? Did anybody else play a cranky grump more often?

_My favorite aspect of musicals is how many of them use big song and dance numbers to hide ridiculous plots. The main plot of Hello, Dolly is that Dolly Levi, a professional matchmaker, hatches a scheme to set herself up with a eligible, rich bachelor. This scheme involves purposefully setting him up with women with the intention of them failing and constantly swooping in on him afterwards. So basically, trying to manipulate him into feeling like he’ll be alone forever so he’ll marry her. But it’s fine! Singing and dancing!

The Cornelius/Irene/Barnaby/Minnie one is merely unlikely and not really appalling when viewed out of context. They court women under the guise of wealthy men about town, women go along with it, knowing fully well they’re poor men about…alleyways? I don’t know what the opposite of “man about town” is without the term sounding nothing like “man about town.” Anyways, lucky for all parties, everybody is woo’d by everybody else’s singing! And dancing!

_Final thoughts: Even though Matthau totally didn’t like Babs for the whole movie cause boy, she was just so insufferable and just the most annying woman, in the end they held hands like the most romance~

_Stop by tomorrow, where we’ll be doing a bit of sleuthing. Mystery Team. See you then~


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