Netflix February 2017_day.13 – Mystery Team (2009)

_I remember when I first learned about REM atonia. It’s basically the state your body goes into when you’re in REM sleep, rendering the body generally immobile. I went “Wow, that’s interesting.” But then it made me think about my own sleep…my own personal REM atonia is shit. I go to sleep, pillows under my head, comforter over my body…and then proceed to wake up with all my pillows on the floor, with my comforter rolled up in a wad under my head, being used as a makeshift pillow. Seriously, body…why would you do that? I went to sleep with two objects whose main purpose is to go under the head during rest for support. I’m starting to think I should just sleep with my head on my comforter and smother myself with pillows as I go to bed.

Three teenage sleuths — known collectively as the Mystery Team — leave kiddie mysteries behind and take on a very grown-up case: a real murder.

Ah, fuck, the Mystery Team.

_So the Netflix blurb is pretty accurate, but I’ll elaborate – The Mystery Team solved cases when they were in elementary school and were popular around the neighborhood. But as they near high school graduation, the Mystery Team has not worn well with age. A little girl comes to the Mystery Team and asks them to find out who killed her parents, and the Mystery Team sees an opportunity to be loved by the people again!

…they also act like they’re in elementary school. For some reason.

…no, I know why. It’s for comedic effect.

_You know why this movie is good?  Because they thought the same thing as I did in relation to the term “Gentleman’s Club.” Just a club full of dapper gentlemen with top hats and monocles doing rich gentlemen things!

_One of the best things about independent movies is that…they’re not Hollywood movies. I don’t mean that as in “Hollywood is a horrible place where nothing good ever happens!” I like Hollywood movies. But it’s all so driven by data and demographics, and what you can and can’t do for ratings boards, the system can feel very formulaic sometimes.

So you have a movie like Mystery Team, a comedy by young 20-somethings for young 20-somethings…Hollywood aims for a PG-13 with that kind of demographic. An independent movie though? You can just go “Fuck it, we’re dropping multiple F-bombs, putting in nudity, and having kids swearing.” Who’s gonna tell you you can’t? You make whatever you want, and if someone says “That’s not gonna fly” you give them the big *shruggles* cause you don’t care, you’re doing it your way, cause executives can’t meddle if there are no executives. Booooooom mind blown.

Now, they’re not always good…but indies certainly have a different feel to them, and that’s why.

_Final thoughts on the movie: It was a comedy. I laughed. I’d talk more about it, but this kind of write-ups for comedies kind of end up being like telling somebody else about the jokes in a movie. It doesn’t work. I have to find other things to write about.

_Stop by tomorrow, where we watch a movie which I will leave no description for today other than the title. Crippled Avengers. See you then~


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