Netflix February 2017_day.15 – Sky High (2005)

_So yesterday, a Nendoroid for Tracer (From the hit game Overwatch trademark symbol) was announced, which led to a bunch of people online going “Yay, Nendoroid! Fuck Pop Vinyls!” In circles I tend to hover around, this is a very common sentiment. On the surface, Nendoroids and Pop Vinyl’s have some similarities: They’re both lines of collectable figures, based on a bevy of assorted popular licensed characters and franchises. The dimensions of both are similar, with figures generally standing at about 3-4 inches tall. Looks like they’re both competing for the same market space!

Except they’re really not. Nendoroids are $40+ figures, and Pop Vinyls are $10 budget figures. To everyone that says “I prefer Nendoroids to Pops” … no shit you do. Nendoroids have points of articulation. They have different parts you can swap to give figures different poses and faces. They cost 4 times more on average than a Pop does. I would hope they’d be better. Comparing the two is like comparing a burger made with ground beef to one made with filet mignon: The quality difference should be obvious, so the only question is “How much do you want to spend on a product?”

With a family legacy to worry about, this high schooler needs to figure out his superpowers. Before disaster strikes.

Slam. Sky High.

_Sky High is a movie where Kurt Russell plays a super hero dad. So…I like to imagine it’s a documentary.

Anyways, it’s a movie about a superhero high school, Sky High. It’s named Sky High because it’s a high school. You know…Sky high school. It’s also named that because it’s a high school on an island flying in the sky. And also because calling it “Sky High” just sounds superhero-y. As you might imagine, it’s like a typical high school movie. With super powers.

Where our main protagonist, Will Stronghold, and pals are misfit freshmen outsiders who all the cool kid jocks torment. With super powers.

And Will doesn’t see that his besty childhood friend, Layla, the perfect match for him and she was staring him in the face the whole time but he only saw her as a friend for so long.

With super powers.

And Mary Elizabeth Winstead walks around being super hot.

With super powers. Except the super power of “Super hot” is a super power she totally has in real life. I mean, not just in this, but sometimes I see pictures of her and she doesn’t even seem like a real person, more like an ethereal painting of someone turned real.

With super powers.

_You know why Sky High is an all-time classic? There’s a character at the school who’s the son of a super hero and a super villain, and his name is Warren Peace. And he’s super brooding and deep. You can tell. Cause he wears leather. And he has a red streak in his hair. And his name is Warren Peace. So deep.

_All things considered, Sky High is basically super safe family fluff, but it’s entertaining for what it is. Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston look like super hero Bomb Pops.

_Stop by tomorrow, for we’ll be watching the movie based on WCW’s Sting. The Crow. See you then~


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