Netflix February 2017_day.16 – The Crow (1994)

_One time, I was lying down in my bed when I had the strange sensation that I was shrinking. My mind tried to use logic, it said “If you really are shrinking, it couldn’t be happening suddenly like this. You would be shrinking as you get older, and it would be a gradual thing.” My body, however, couldn’t help feeling otherwise. I found the only way to stop the feeling was to sprawl out, and grasp the sides of my mattress with my limbs. My mattress is a static size, therefore, if my limbs could grab the edges, it was the only way to confirm that my body was staying the same size. After a few minutes of this, the feeling went away. When I think back to that moment, it sounds like a dream. It hasn’t happened since, but it’s a sensation that has stayed with me…a feeling that the improbable is occurring in spite of rational thought telling you it probably isn’t.

A rock guitarist and his fiancée brutally murdered. He’ll rise from the grave to make them pay for it.

Watch out, NWO, it’s The Crow.

_Man, this movie has a lot of history. This was the movie was all kids in grade school talked about when it was coming out. Mostly because kids are dumb. That’s not meant as a knock at the movie, just that kids are interested in things for dumb reasons. And have dumb thoughts

Besides being the movie which pro wrestler Sting re-invented his look and gimmick after and kept using for 20 years, The Crow is also infamous for the accidental death of lead actor Brandon Lee (Son of Bruce Lee) during filming with a prop gun. Couple that with the interest in the movie by brooding kids due to the gothic and dark style the movie had, and it was the perfect recipe for kids to come up with ridiculous theories about it. Stuff like the filmmakers using Brandon Lee’s dead body to shoot scenes, or that you could see his ghost throughout the movie.

Although my favorite was when they made a sequel a couple years after, that Brandon Lee had faked his death and he came out of hiding to play the lead role. Wow. Why did everybody think every celebrity faked their deaths in the 90’s? Just because Tupac is chilling in Jamaica doesn’t mean everybody is down there.

_The Crow is a classic revenge tale: On the eve of their wedding set for Halloween, Shelly Webster is raped and both she and fiancée Eric Draven are murdered. One year later on the anniversary of their deaths, a crow makes Eric rise from his grave to deliver retribution to the perpetrators. That’s about the long and short of it.

_If your favorite color is black, The Crow is one of your all-time favorite movies. The whole movie might as well be in black-and-white. The Crow is like what a movie based on Hot Topic in the 90’s would look like.

_I love how outrageous the idea of there being an annual “Devil’s Night” on Halloween Eve where thugs just go around setting hundreds of building on fire every year. The thing I love about it? How it’s totally believable because this movie is set in Detroit. It’s like Robocop. “No way a city could be this awfu…oh, it’s Detroit? …hmmm, yeah.”

I mean…I’m sure Detroit isn’t as comically horrible as in those movies…but I mean, as someone who’s never been to Detroit, it’s more fun to imagine it is. Just a big city full of gothic architecture where the entire city is on fire despite the fact that it’s always raining.

_Come by tomorrow, where we’ll be watching a movie that’s probably about Pokemon. Haunter. Yeah, probably, that sounds right. See you then~


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