Netflix February 2017_day.20 – Superman Returns (2006)

_Up until now, my schedule for the month with Superman movies was to watch all of the original films, and to stagger them in accordance to how they were released in theaters, with 1 day for every year between releases. Superman came out in 1978, Superman II two years later, so I watched it two days after. Sure, a day for every year is hardly a close equivalent, but it’s the best I could manage without just watching Superman for 5 straight days.

…except that the schedule didn’t work for Superman Returns.Because the month literally isn’t long enough. Though it would have been last year with Leap Day. So I had to decide if I wanted to just go “Close enough” and watch it on the 28th, or fuck off and do something else arbitrary.

As you can tell, I went with option 2.  10 days seemed like enough. On the scale of what I was doing, it was like waiting a decade. That’s a long time, man.

His home away from home isn’t the same. But some things never change: The love of his life and his nemesis still remain.

It’s been a while, but Superman Returns.

_So at the end of Superman IV, Superman flies Lex back to a chain gang. He then tells him “I’ll see you in 20.”

Superman IV came out in 1987

Superman Returns was released 19 years later, in 2006.

…so close, yet so far. I guess that’s what they meant when they said Singer wasn’t too concerned keeping up with the canon from III and IV.

_So fun story: When I originally went to go see this movie in theaters, it was with everyone in my immediate family a couple weeks after the movie released. It wasn’t a packed theater, it was just us and these two older folks who liked to chime in out loud occasionally about what they saw on the screen. The one thing that stood out among everything else was every time Kate Bosworth appeared on screen, he’d just go “Beautiful. Beautiful.” with a very particular cadence in his voice that myself and all of my siblings still use to say the word “Beautiful” around each other. If they’re reading this, they’re probably hearing it in their heads right now. I only wish I could somehow approximate the sound with text, but text is just too cold and emotionless.

_Even though Kevin Spacey plays him differently, I love that Lex in this movie still just wants land. Land, land, land.

_I mentioned in the other Superman blurbs how movies Superman is not shown to be that impervious. He’s strong, he’s fast, he can do crazy things like fly and have heat vision and stuff, but for the most part, bullets tend to be the most we see him really shrug off. We, the audience, know he’s Superman though, and we know/assume he’s pretty invulnerable, but again, it’s never really showcased in the movies.

Returns openly ties itself into the films of old, though in respect to displays of strength…Superman flies onto a giant island at least partially made of Kryptonite, enough to depower him to the point to get knocked on his ass by Luthor with a haymaker, stabbed with a kryptonite dagger which is broken off into his body, and dumped into the ocean. Lois then pulls him out of the ocean and pulls the dagger out of his body. But with tiny kryptonite dagger fragments remaining inside him, he flies up, charges up the sun, dives into the Earth, and lifts a giant kryptonite island and hurls it into space.

In Superman 1, he gets a kryptonite rock draped around his neck and almost drowns in a pool.

That’s quite the power creep over the course of 5 films.

_Watching this again for the first time in a long time…I still enjoy Returns. Yeah, it doesn’t really have any great action scenes, cause Superman never fights anybody. Yeah, kyptonite does shockingly little to him in relation to the previous movies. Kate Bosworth isn’t bad, but she doesn’t fit the mold of Margot Kidder’s Lois. This is supposed to be 5 years after those old events, and she looks younger here than Kidder did in the first movie. She none of the balls-to-the-wall-little-bit-crazy parts of her, like “Jumping into a river to prove Clark is Superman” or “I’m being mugged at gunpoint, I will take off my heel and try to impale this guy in the face” kind of stuff.

…but I still like the movie. Brandon Routh was always gonna be behind the 8-ball trying to step into Christopher Reeve’s boots, but I liked him in the roles of Superman and Clark. Spacey’s Lex is really good, the portrayal is a bit more serious and sinister, but the character motivations really fall in line with the old Hackman role. It’s good.

_Come by tomorrow, because we’ll be watching the sassy sister film to Die Hard. Working Girl. See you then~


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