Netflix February 2017_day.21 – Working Girl (1988)

_I was once talking to someone about various movies, and they said “I don’t understand how people could like this.” I replied “There’s no accounting for taste.” They said “Yeah, some people just have no idea what’s good and what isn’t.”

I said “No, I meant that we tend to think of ourselves as having impeccable taste, but it’s not only possible but incredibly likely that in many situations, other people view our tastes as being bad because we disagree with them. But that kind of thing tends to be subjective, and just because we don’t see the merits of something doesn’t mean it lacks any. There’s no accounting for taste, and that includes our own.”

All I got was a “Hmm.” Then they dumped on other stuff they thought people were dumb for liking. I guess maybe they thought there was no accounting for my own taste on views of opinions.

_”She needs a leg up, but she keeps getting stepped on. To land the career she wants, she’ll have to take it.

Why is no one singing? Why is no one dancing? It’s Working Girl.

_Right at the start, giant 80’s hair, a young Alec Baldwin’s ridiculously hairy chest. I am transported to the 80’s.

_Melanie Griffith plays Tess McGill, which is a great name, a working girl (that’s the title of the movie) who is trying to get to a higher position in working. But her being girl is holding her back. Damn men. After publicly humiliating her boss for being a dick, she gets relegated to being a secretary to a new exec, Sigourney Weaver. That should be good, right? Women gotta stick together.

Turns out Sigourney is a selfish shit too, and tries to steal Tess’ good idea for Trask Industries and claim it as her own, which Tess finds out when she goes to house-sit for her after Sigourney Weaver breaks her leg skiing overseas. So Tess goes “That’s a bunch of bullshit” and stands in as the big boss to team up with Harrison Ford and pitch Trask Industries on her big radio idea.

_You know what Working Girl reminds me of? It’s like a serious Secret of My Success. Take Secret of My Success, make it way more focused, replace Michael J. Fox with Melanie Griffith, insert Harrison Ford, boom Working Girl.

_Working Girl is classified as a romantic comedy, but it’s a pretty subtle comedy. The kind of movie where I couldn’t imagine being in a theater and having any singular part cause everybody to laugh out loud, but more parts that would illicit chuckles. There’s one part where Tess is pretending to be an executive, and someone says they could use a coffee and she turns towards the door and quickly just turns back to face them, as she’s merely a secretary and is used to grabbing coffee for her bosses. It’s quick moment, and it sounds more silly than it is, it’s not over the top…I chuckled.

_Boobs were way less of a deal in the 80’s. Probably has to do with the ratings board not being as stringent on rules.

_The biggest praise I can give Working Girl as a movie is that, as I’ve stated before on these, oftentimes I have a harder time writing about good movies than wonderful schlock movies. 1000 words on Quest for Peace was effortless. I’m having a hard time with this right now.

Translation: Working Girl is solid. Solid movie.

_Stop by tomorrow where we’ll watch more family movies. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. See you then~


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