Netflix February 2017_day.26 – Changeling (2008)

_This seems like as good a time as any to say that I love Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I’m not someone who goes out to watch movies based solely on an actor being in it, but I’d be a liar if I said that them being in a movie didn’t make me more interested in a film. It was just coincidence that they were a huge Hollywood power couple too, I never followed any of their personal lives.

But I’d also be a liar if I said that seeing their split in things like US Weekly when I went grocery shopping wasn’t like being in the middle of two friends having a falling out. I’d see mudslinging mud and just in my head go “Nooooooo stop I love you both don’t do thiiiiiiiis!”

It doesn’t affect my personal life, but yeah. It’s as close as my world could possibly come to crumbling due to celebrity gossip. Which is turns out is not much. The amount of life crumbling was like a crack beginning to form on the sidewalk. Maybe in 50 years, that crack will have turned into a full blown divot, grass growing out of it, so uneven as to render it untraversable by wheelchairs and bikes, and I’ll be on my deathbed, and if any one is there in my final moments, I’ll whisper in their ear “I wish Brangelina never split up”.

A grief-stricken mother’s son is missing — even when the cops bring him home. It’s their word against hers.

Look out Alpha Quadrant, it’s Changeling.

_Well…that was a fucked up movie.

_Changeling is the story of Christine Collins, a single mother whose son goes missing in 1928, and the LAPD bumbling about and returning the wrong kid to her. Hijinks do not ensue.

Changeling is rife with social commentary. It doesn’t even really try to be. It’s based on true events, and in just going “Look at these things that happened,” you go “What in the ever loving piss, this can’t be real, right?” Cause, first off, I know that certain aspects of the movie are sensationalized. It happens, that’s movies. But you start to look up the stuff behind the events of this movie, the things that happened, the amount of research J. Michael Straczynski did to write the script, how all of these things really were connected, the amount of stuff in here that definitely happened…

Collins seeing that the boy wasn’t her son at the train station, but is pressured into taking him home so the police don’t look bad.

Collins statements to the police being twisted by the press to make her seem like an unfit mother.

Collins getting sent to a psych ward because she was becoming bothersome.

The LAPD Gun Squad.

The Chicken Coop murders.

And a really gruesome hanging scene.

_Changeling is a good movie. But it’s not an easy watch. It’s not a subtle film. It’s not particularly nuanced, but it’s not really meant to be. It was straightforward, but that didn’t leave me any less agape at the events I was seeing.

_There are parts of it in the first hour that are so horrible, I actually laughed. Like when she’s trying to convince them that the boy isn’t her son and goes “He’s circumcised, my son isn’t circumcised,: And they’re like “Well…these kidnappers do some things…” My mind just thinks of some nefarious Hasidic Jew, kidnapping boys all over the city and circumcising them and going “There, you’re a real mensch, now go get home to your family, they’re probably worried sick about you!”

Like…it’s appalling, but all you can do is laugh. Like “Ha…ha…people, did they actually think this? Lordy loo.”

_Stop by tomorrow, where we’ll be watching the greatest romance of our time. Or maybe it’s the best comedy. Twilight. See you then~


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