Netflix February 2018_day.25 – Emma (1996)

_If the internet has taught me anything, it’s that there are always seemingly like-minded folks all over the world to yourself. Whatever you are into, man, you can find an online fan-base for it. And after a while, you will come to the realization that they’re all awful. Just horrible. The worst. People are just terrible, and I want so little to do with everybody. All of the things I like, I just don’t have a hot, burning desire to discuss it with other fans, to be around their thoughts and opinions of it. I just want to enjoy my stuff and sit around and hope that other people will get into it and we’ll just share simple nods about it.

“Pretty good, huh?”


A meddlesome matchmaker tries to manufacture melodrama. But sometimes, manipulation misfires.

Mew. Is Emma.

_Emma is a movie about my friend’s cat, named Emma. She’s pretty cute and has like…grey fuzzy. She’s a highborn kitty from Tennessengland who begins to fancy herself a matchmaker after her governess gets married and she gets it in her silly cat brain that is was because of her. So she then spends most of the rest of the movie rolling around a ball of yarn to try to set up a lowerborn woman in town with this huge douchebag.

It’s weird that Jane Austen wrote a book about a now cat 200 years ago.

_Emma is the perfect name for this, cause that’s exactly what it’s about. It’s about Emma. No grand, sweeping statement. Just Emma. And the things she does. Being a silly. Emma.

_Wow, I can only sit here wishing that Ewan McGregor had this hair when he played Obi-Wan. That right there shoots the prequels up a notch, right?

_Upper crust English society, at least represented in movies and such, is one of the more ridiculous things I think I’ll ever lay eyes on. the whole fancy choreographed dancing they do, where they just kind of spin around every so often in unison, reminds me of line dancing, except not as cool.

_So I remember the promotional material for Emma back in the day, the picture of Gwenyth Paltrow aiming the bow and arrow. That was like…one scene in the movie! Shoot a bow and arrow for a minute, every movie poster bow and arrow. Can you imagine? I’ll tell you what, this wouldn’t stand in any other movie. Imagine the backlash if they had put Luke Skywalker on the poster for Star Wars triumphantly holding a lightsaber when the only thing he uses it for in the movie is block like, 2 lasers from a training robot? People wouldn’t stand for that kind of blatant misrepresentation in their movie advertising, mark my words.

_Emma was entertaining enough, it’s just very fluffy. Fluff. Like a cat. Cat fluff. Poof :3

_Stop by tomorrow, where we’ll watch the movie that made everybody start fantasy casting Michael B. Jordan into everything ever. Fruitvale Station. See you then~


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