Netflix February 2018_day.28 – Caddyshack (1980)

_Welp, this is it. Another Netflix February in the books. This year was a bit tiring… you might’ve noticed that for the most part, my write-up’s didn’t really drop on time. always a few hours late… it happens. Sometimes, I’d watch the movie, then I’d need to sleep before finishing my post. Sometimes, I’d have to nap in the middle of the movie. I still enjoyed it, I just found myself needing to collect myself for it this year.

Between goofy golfers and a grounds-destroying gopher, working at a country club can drive you a little crazy.

I’m alright. Caddyshack.

_The last time I saw this movie, my age was represented by a single digit. So… it’s been a while. The only thing I really remember about this movie isssssssss golf.

_As I watch Caddyshack, I ask myself “Was there even a script for this, or did Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield and Bill Murray just show up at a golf course and improv while they had cameras rolling for the day?”

Obviously, there was a script. There’s loose plot points that kind of sort of meet at the end for the big money match. “Danny is a caddy, but he is a strong golfer.” “Rodney Dangerfield gets on the judge’s nerves.” “Bill Murray is trying to murder a gopher.”

_Rodney Dangerfield is great. I love the fact that in his movie, he’s a completely annoying buffoon, but because the people he’s annoying are snooty country club members, it’s totally OK. He’s endearing.

Everything Rodney Dangerfield does in this movie looks ridiculous and unnatural. The way he dances, the way he swings a golf club, his choice of clothing, the way he walks, the way he doesn’t take breaths between sentences. Sometimes I feel like he might have actually been an alien mimicking human actions.

_Was there a big comedy from the 80’s that DIDN’T feature a gratuitous 2 second shot of a topless woman at some point in the movie?

_Considering Chevy Chase’s career trajectory, it must be bad that his character’s dead-pan delivery of just railing on people in this movie reminds me of myself. Danny caddy’s for him, starts feeling bad about himself and Chevy Chase just nonchalantly agrees with him. That’s how it’s done, Chevy.

_Some people might disagree with me, but I believe that Caddyshack’s ultimate legacy… is serving as ground zero for Kenny Loggins’ career as the soundtrack king. It all started here, with I’m Alright and a total of four songs on the soundtrack, then on to Footloose and Top Gun? I don’t think any other artist will ever replicate Kenny Loggins soundtrack work from the 80’s. It’s one of those once in a lifetime events. People will tell their grandkids “I remember when I was a youth, every time I went to the record store there was another soundtrack to a Hollywood blockbuster with a #1 hit from Kenny Loggins on it. I reckon you whippersnappers won’t see anything like that in your lifetimes!”

_So, for the most part, Caddyshack is OK… but Rodney Dangerfield shouting “Hey everybody! We’re all gonna get laid!” to a crowd of random people as the last line of the movie is so inane and silly, it bumps it up a few notches. Take note, people: Nail your ending, you’ll be more fondly remembered.

_When I originally started Netflix February years ago, it was largely due to an ever increasing queue of movies accumulating on my list. As the 2018 iteration ends, I actually have so few movies on my Netflix queue, I wouldn’t be able to fill the 28 days for another Netflix month with them. Part of it is from actually watching movies…another part of it is Netflix shifting their focus. A lot of movies I had queued have simply been removed. One of my favorite traditions of Netflix February was picking some crazy old Hong Kong kung fu movie from the 70’s to watch… I didn’t this year because there are none available. To be honest, the selection of movies pre-1980 is pretty slim right now. This month definitely felt like it had a bit of a different feel to it, from previous years. One can only wonder how 2019 will look.

_No need to come by tomorrow, no movie! See you whenever~


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