_when I was a sad teen, I often thought about death. Various thoughts like “What if the afterlife is just living another life just like here on Earth, only on Earth in a different universe?” Or “What if your spirit feels whatever it felt in your last living moment, so if you died from a getting hit by a train, that single instant of pain is what you’d feel for eternity?” I think the thoughts about the unknown intrigued me more than death itself, but since I was a mopey teenager, that’s what was on my mind. But I pondered a lot about what will forever be unknown to the living.

_years later, one thought about death hit me. “If I died tomorrow, would anybody know who I really was?” The answer is obviously no. We barely know ourselves well enough that we’d have a hard time telling our loved ones what we were about if we were able to give our own eulogies. But I had another thought…when everybody I know gets together to remember me, how close would they get to being able to piece together the man that I was from their unique, personal experiences with me? It was then that I decided to try to be truer to myself to others…it hasn’t been a rousing success, but I’m better at it now than I was when I started. At least, I think I am.

_that is the true purpose of this blog. More so than “Let’s try and entertain people with my random musings,” it’s the idea that it will be a place for me to put down my opinions and musings in writing text…a place for a small piece of the jigsaw of my mind to settle down, waiting for people to pick it up and put in its proper place one day when I’m gone.

_don’t worry, you’re not obligated to care about any of it that much. It’s just for my own piece of mind.