Netflix February 2017_day.21 – Working Girl (1988)

_I was once talking to someone about various movies, and they said “I don’t understand how people could like this.” I replied “There’s no accounting for taste.” They said “Yeah, some people just have no idea what’s good and what isn’t.”

I said “No, I meant that we tend to think of ourselves as having impeccable taste, but it’s not only possible but incredibly likely that in many situations, other people view our tastes as being bad because we disagree with them. But that kind of thing tends to be subjective, and just because we don’t see the merits of something doesn’t mean it lacks any. There’s no accounting for taste, and that includes our own.”

All I got was a “Hmm.” Then they dumped on other stuff they thought people were dumb for liking. I guess maybe they thought there was no accounting for my own taste on views of opinions.

_”She needs a leg up, but she keeps getting stepped on. To land the career she wants, she’ll have to take it.

Why is no one singing? Why is no one dancing? It’s Working Girl.

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Netflix February 2017_day.20 – Superman Returns (2006)

_Up until now, my schedule for the month with Superman movies was to watch all of the original films, and to stagger them in accordance to how they were released in theaters, with 1 day for every year between releases. Superman came out in 1978, Superman II two years later, so I watched it two days after. Sure, a day for every year is hardly a close equivalent, but it’s the best I could manage without just watching Superman for 5 straight days.

…except that the schedule didn’t work for Superman Returns.Because the month literally isn’t long enough. Though it would have been last year with Leap Day. So I had to decide if I wanted to just go “Close enough” and watch it on the 28th, or fuck off and do something else arbitrary.

As you can tell, I went with option 2.  10 days seemed like enough. On the scale of what I was doing, it was like waiting a decade. That’s a long time, man.

His home away from home isn’t the same. But some things never change: The love of his life and his nemesis still remain.

It’s been a while, but Superman Returns.

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Netflix February 2017_day.19 – The Third Man (1949)

_I once had a dream where I was surrounded by darkness. I would slowly close my eyes and open them to try and see if there would be a discernible difference and found there to be none. At first, I knelt down to put my hand to the ground, felt around with my hands to see if I would move into a wall or fall down a hole. After a few minutes, I stood up. I raised my hands in front of me and started to slide my feet to take steps, as a way to quicken my pace while still being careful. A few minutes later, dream me thought to himself “I no longer care what happens to my in this situation.” I put my hands down and moved as normal, accepting of whatever fate would befall me in the darkness I was in.

A postwar Vienna crime world entangles a naive American. Ferris wheels, dark secrets — and zither music.

Two’s company, three’s a crowd, and this is The Third Man.

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Netflix February 2017_day.18 – Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

_Sometimes, you go through phases where you find yourself craving a certain kind of food for a while. I remember a month where all I wanted to eat was fried rice all the time. A phase I’ve been going through for a year? Drinking a ton of milk. I just can’t seem to get enough. I’ve been going through gallon jugs alarmingly fast. I should drink more water. But…screw it. More milk. Milk forever~

The legend is back, doing what he does best: robbing from the rich, giving to the poor and fighting tyranny.

It’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Does that imply his father was the king of thieves?

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Netflix February 2017_day.17 – Haunter (2013)

_As I get older, I find myself with more weird bodily infirmities than I had in years past. Sure, there’s the stuff you expect, like “I feel more fatigued as the day goes on!” and “I can’t function on multiple days worth of only 2 hours of sleep the way I used to!” but…it’s other smaller things. I’ve noticed my skin is drier than it used to be. I have this patch of skin on the right side of my face that gets really dry and flaky when I shave. My scalp has gotten dry to the point where I won’t even go into details on it. I get these big, dry patches on my feet sometimes that I have to go in on super hard to get clean. These are things that weren’t issues when I was young. Now they are.

I wish this was FF5, and Old was just a status that one could be cured of.

Their house hides gruesome secrets. Now two girls must cross the line between life and death to save themselves.

Who’s that Pokemon? It’s Haunter.

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Netflix February 2017_day.16 – The Crow (1994)

_One time, I was lying down in my bed when I had the strange sensation that I was shrinking. My mind tried to use logic, it said “If you really are shrinking, it couldn’t be happening suddenly like this. You would be shrinking as you get older, and it would be a gradual thing.” My body, however, couldn’t help feeling otherwise. I found the only way to stop the feeling was to sprawl out, and grasp the sides of my mattress with my limbs. My mattress is a static size, therefore, if my limbs could grab the edges, it was the only way to confirm that my body was staying the same size. After a few minutes of this, the feeling went away. When I think back to that moment, it sounds like a dream. It hasn’t happened since, but it’s a sensation that has stayed with me…a feeling that the improbable is occurring in spite of rational thought telling you it probably isn’t.

A rock guitarist and his fiancée brutally murdered. He’ll rise from the grave to make them pay for it.

Watch out, NWO, it’s The Crow.

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Netflix February 2017_day.15 – Sky High (2005)

_So yesterday, a Nendoroid for Tracer (From the hit game Overwatch trademark symbol) was announced, which led to a bunch of people online going “Yay, Nendoroid! Fuck Pop Vinyls!” In circles I tend to hover around, this is a very common sentiment. On the surface, Nendoroids and Pop Vinyl’s have some similarities: They’re both lines of collectable figures, based on a bevy of assorted popular licensed characters and franchises. The dimensions of both are similar, with figures generally standing at about 3-4 inches tall. Looks like they’re both competing for the same market space!

Except they’re really not. Nendoroids are $40+ figures, and Pop Vinyls are $10 budget figures. To everyone that says “I prefer Nendoroids to Pops” … no shit you do. Nendoroids have points of articulation. They have different parts you can swap to give figures different poses and faces. They cost 4 times more on average than a Pop does. I would hope they’d be better. Comparing the two is like comparing a burger made with ground beef to one made with filet mignon: The quality difference should be obvious, so the only question is “How much do you want to spend on a product?”

With a family legacy to worry about, this high schooler needs to figure out his superpowers. Before disaster strikes.

Slam. Sky High.

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