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Netflix February 2017_day.23 – Burn After Reading (2008)

_You ever have those moments when you’re driving, and someone cuts you off, and you just get angry about it? Yeah, we all have. I’ve had that happen, and I think to myself “Yeah, go ahead buddy, lord knows what would’ve happened if you hadn’t dangerously shifted lanes to save maybe 1 second from your commute.” And then I think…what if something bad would’ve happened if he didn’t save one second off his commute? What if this was like in a movie, and a pregnant lady is in labor, getting rushed to the hospital in the backseat and the driver is just going as fast and as semi-recklessly as he can? And he’s not being completely unsafe, because that would video game-like driving, where the fastest route is drive into oncoming traffic or running over pedestrians on the sidewalk or power sliding into other cars and using the physics engine to propel you out of your turn faster. But in those movies, rushing the woman in labor is heroic. We cheer them on. I dunno what the story is behind the guy who cut me off. It’s most likely that he’s just a selfish shithead and a bad driver…but it’s possible that they really do have something important to get to. So I try not to get too mad…though I don’t always succeed.

A dim-bulb jock, a sex addict and a booze-soaked secret agent. The CIA’s dirty secrets are in their capable hands.

It’s a movie, but even so…Burn After Reading.

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