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Netflix February 2017_day.24 – To Catch a Thief (1955)

_At this point in Netflix February, I’m at that place where there’s all these movies I want to get to, but find myself with not enough days to watch them all. Before it starts, I do a rough outline of what I’ll watch and when I’ll watch them, I try to get a good amount of different genres and actors and different eras represented, try to get some rewatches in, and I feel good with what I have. Then plans change, I watch something and think to myself “I need a thematic shift tomorrow” and move something up or down or take thing off completely, or I’ll finish a movie and it’ll recommend something and I’ll go “I thought I scoured everything how did I not know this was on instant?!” and try to cram it somewhere and suddenly, it’s the end of the month and I think to myself “Shit, I can’t watch all 10 of these,” and “I want to watch this and this, but…4 rom-com’s in a row? That’d be a bit much…” or “Maybe this…but…I feel like I watched a lot of family movies already…” The start of the month is so easy, with so many possibilities, but now? Too many choices, not enough time, man.

Suspected in a new series of heists in the hotels of the French Riviera, a reformed jewel thief sets out to clear himself — and catch the real thief.

It’s almost but not quite Coolio’s first album. To Catch a Thief.

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