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Netflix February 2017_day.27 – Twilight (2008)

_I have exciting news. Tomorrow, I should be receiving my new bed…well, it’s exciting for me. I hadn’t really thought about how old my current one was until recently, and then realized “Holy shit, it’s almost 10 years old, that probably explains a lot.” So…new bed time. It’s exciting. More comfy sleep is exciting. Lying down on beds to try them out while I was shopping for them was exciting. It felt great. I’m excited. Moreso than I’ve been for anything in a good long while.

Not that I can’t get excited for other stuff. But this is the most immediate. So…I’m excited. Should be slightly awesome.

Hottest guy in school, eternal devotion and sparkly skin: totally solid reasons to date a vampire. No necking, though.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Twilight.

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